Energy procurement service

Protect your business from energy price fluctuations and reduce its energy bills. You need to do it — you just haven’t got the time. Leave it to My Energy Consultants instead. We’ll save you time and money.

The energy buying strategy that’s optimised for your own particular consumption needs and risk profile, we’ll find it for you. We provide an end-to-end energy procurement service that removes all the hassle and pain:

  • In-depth analysis of your energy usage, contracts and metering
  • Quotes from the most appropriate business energy suppliers
  • Thorough assessment of inclusive charges and taxes
  • Proactive negotiation on energy contract tariff and terms
  • Terminating existing contracts, transfer of energy supply

My Energy Consultants’ whole-of-market energy procurement service will get your business the best deal. And it’ll be one of the following types:

Fixed Energy Contract

Safeguard your business from fluctuating energy prices, guarantee an attractive energy tariff for the duration of your contract.

Flexible Energy Contract

Take advantage of energy price fluctuations by buying attractively priced tranches of energy throughout the contract term.

Bulk purchase energy plan

Achieve economies of scale by grouping your business with other like-minded businesses to increase your energy buying power.

For an energy procurement solution that gives you certainty, that saves you money, time and effort, get in touch with My Energy Consultants. Call: 0203 488 3000 or email: