Energy infrastructure services

A new gas connection, an electric meter or maybe you’re thinking of installing the latest automated meter reading (AMR) technology? Whatever new infrastructure your business needs, My Energy Consultants provides you with expert advice and makes it happen.

Our professional end-to-end infrastructure service will liaise directly with your energy suppliers and project manage our personally selected and approved sub-contractors. We’ll make sure installation is fast, efficient and cost-effective.

Gas and electricity connections

If your business property doesn’t yet have a gas or electricity connection, or maybe they’ve been previously disconnected, then leave it to us to arrange connection. My Energy Consultants will work with your energy provider to get you connected with the minimum of fuss. We promise.

Gas and electricity meter installation

And if you also want us to attend to meter installation we can do that too. For new premises or new connections, My Energy Consultants handles the installation of a complete range of energy meters. From rotary gas meters to half-hourly electric meters and the latest smart meters, leave it to us.

Gas and electricity service alterations

Of course you might just want to upgrade an existing meter to handle a bigger capacity or relocate your connection and meter to somewhere more convenient. Or maybe you want to harness the latest in AMR technology to help reduce your carbon footprint. We can help.

For energy infrastructure services that you can depend on and save you money, time and effort, get in touch with My Energy Consultants. Call: 0203 488 3000 or email: